Car Service & Repairs


Service includes:

  • Changing of engine oils
  • Filters
  • Checking and adjust all brakes
  • Checking suspension
  • Checking all lights
  • Checking tyres
  • Replacing wiper rubbers
  • Cleaning all battery terminals

Logbook approved service centre.


We offer a full range of repairs:

  • Automatic transmission
  • Auto electrical
  • Air-conditioning repairs or maintenance
  • Windscreen replacement

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Car Mechanic Moorabbin

The Master Car Mechanic from Moorabbin

For close to 20 years Bennett Motors has been a cornerstone for many who require reliable assistance with their vehicles. Since our conception we have been able to expand our services to cater to a wide array of vehicular needs, ranging from all-inclusive repairs to general maintenance and regular services. We consist of an adept team of technicians ready and waiting to assist you with your vehicles. For a car mechanic in Moorabbin who really knows what is under your vehicle’s bonnet and what should not be, let us take care of your assets.


What Sets Bennett Motors Apart Regarding Car Repairs in Moorabbin

Taking our age into account, we know a thing or two about how to best remediate cosmetic and mechanical issues, as we have seen how vehicles have been changing over the years. By keeping up to date on what makes your vehicle perform at its optimum, we know exactly how to maintain all of its components. Because we see to all aspects of your vehicle, our mechanic in Moorabbin can also assist you with:

  • Meticulous car maintenance work. As with most machinery that consists of internal moving parts, cars require regular maintenance to rectify mechanical faults, mediate general wear and tear damages and keep it going for as long as possible. When one neglects regular maintenance work, it can result in unforeseen costs and possibly destruction, as a car is as reliant on certain parts as humans are on organs.
  • Extensive truck maintenance work. An auto mechanic who can work on a truck is a rare commodity, not only due to the scale of the machines in question but also due to certain intricacies that are absent in normal passenger vehicles. With an adept team of technicians, we love a challenge and are more than willing to take care of your freight vehicles.
  • Roadworthy checks. With the accreditation and means to assess your vehicles, we can lend you a hand with pre-inspections and certificates, which are meant to gauge the roadworthiness of your assets. If your vehicle does not qualify, we also provide services to make your cars, trucks and motorbikes roadworthy once again.


Key Questions to Ask our Moorabbin Car Mechanic

At Bennett Motors, we attempt to foster communication with our clients as a means of getting a better idea of how you use your vehicle and how we can improve it for the future. Your lifestyle plays a huge role in the health of your vehicle, as it directly impacts the way you drive, what terrain you are taking on and how much time is spent on the road. Many external factors influence what measures you should take to keep your vehicle at peak performance, but at the end of the day, you should enquire about:

  • If there are any ways in which we can make your vehicle more suitable for your profession. When you are venturing onto rough terrains on a regular basis, it can quickly start to affect the overall performance of your vehicle. By taking preventative measures, we can help you avoid getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.
  • Assistance with intricate auto electrical repairs. Modern vehicles are exceptionally complex and require special equipment to accurately calibrate electrical components. Many attempt to fix or figure their own vehicles out but ultimately require the right tools for the job. We cater to electrical mediations, modifications and maintenance.
  • How regularly you should service your vehicles. Because services or maintenance work is usually dependent on how far you drive and how often your vehicle is in use, it can vary drastically. Even though usage is an important factor when determining your service regularity, servicing is a great way to avoid hidden or unseen issues that might arise in the future.


The Importance of Having us Take Care of your Car Service in Moorabbin

Usually, when people take their vehicles in for maintenance, they have no idea what the entire process consists of. By educating our clients on their vehicles, they can get a better idea of what to look out for and how noticeable our input is after they take to the roads. When we take responsibility for your car servicing in Moorabbin, we can report back on:

  • Inspection of all fluids. Even though cars consist of wires and electrical components, it is reliant on fluids to keep everything running smoothly. These fluids include water which helps with cooling and cleanliness, coolants that regulate heat and oils that lubricate moving parts.
  • Assessment and replacement of filters and belts. Filters serve the purpose of keeping foreign and undesirable materials outside your engine, as well as keeping your air conditioning odour-free and fresh. The belts we are talking about are not next to your seats but rather on the inside of your vehicle, where they manage the moving components.
  • Evaluation of brakes and emissions. Brake pads are one of the most important parts of your vehicle because without them you would probably have to be really good at avoiding trees and pedestrians. As with all petrol and diesel vehicles, a certain amount of gas emissions is present at all times. In recent years, though, more focus has been put on how our actions damage nature. Therefore, emissions should be kept at certain levels in accordance with law.


Why Trust Bennett Motors with your Windscreen Replacement in Moorabbin

Serving as one of the most respectable car repair service companies in Australia, we are confident in our ability to cater to you and your vehicles in the most cost-effective and reliable way possible. We believe that owning a vehicle should not be a challenge or hindrance and take it upon ourselves to help our customers with all their vehicular problems and projects. By forming part of the entire remediation process, we can tell you precisely what we are doing, why we plan on doing this and how we can bring life back into your vehicle without you worrying about the bill.

Instead of leaving your car with someone who might remove more parts than install, make sure to contact us today for more information regarding our expansive service range or just for a quick chat.